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Recent watercolours and oil paintings celebrating the colours of Autumn


A full palette of colour reflecting the beauty and magic of Rajasthan and Southern India
cochin stall

All the work is for sale, please ask for details
Rajasthan Oils
Rajasthan Watercolours
Rajasthan Sketchbooks
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Charles Rodwell's Rajasthan Sketchbooks
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Last year I had a major sort out in my studio, revealing works from 40 years ago!
There are drawings, oil paintings, watercolours, wood engravings and woodcuts spanning all aspects of my work.
The works on th
is website represent that journey since the yearly days at college to the present day
DRAWING ARCHIVE - 40 Years of drawings from the early days to the present

There are many framed paintings of all sizes, mounted studies and loose drawings in plan chests

Southern India